overview of Jerome David Salingers Life

heard these terms. We talk of karma, practice yoga, and every politician has a 'mantra'. As a journalist and Hindu centred in Vedanta, Vishva Samani seeks to clarify whether Salinger just dabbled or if his faith went deeper. Listen to the radio program here. Today, the hidden and pervasive influence of Vedanta and Indian philosophy is interwoven into all our daily lives. However, recently released letters reveal a deep and enduring relationship with both Hindu philosophy and a New York based monk. While The Catcher in the Rye has sold over 65 million copies, the author lived much of his life as a recluse. In this programme, Vishva Samani investigates what the letters might tell us about Salinger's relationship with Hindu philosophy and, in turn, his literature.

overview of Jerome David Salingers Life

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