the little black boy

imagery in the second stanza where the mother kisses him, and teaches him underneath a tree which symbolizes the nature and the open where they live. She says, And gives his light, and gives his heat away which is a metaphor comparing how gods love is like the heat and light given off by the sun. He used many literary forms to emphasize his ideas such as metaphors and allusion. The third to the fifth stanza exists a change in the speaker where the mother now is the speaker. William BlakesThe Little Black Boy revolves around the theme of slavery and the ideal slaves mentality. My mother taught me underneath a tree. Moreover, light is a conceptual metaphor for knowledge which lies in the human mind. For when our souls have learn'd the heat to bear. Blake was very successful in showing the reader the points of view of African-Americans during their slavery period.

The little black boy
the little black boy

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In "The Little Black Boy Blake questions conventions of the time with basic. First of all, the author hints that racial discrimination was present in the United Kingdoms society and this problem is still real. In the 6th stanza this metaphor is continued: When I from black and he from white cloud free. I am inclined to believe that the issue depicted in the poem still exists in present-day English society and should be resolved by the teaching of common acceptance of those who are different. The diction in the poem is very simple because Blake is writing the poem in a slaves point of view. Finally, in the last stanza, the boy says that he will provide a shade from Gods light until his master can bear that light and enjoy Gods prize. Another metaphor and simile is in the line: And these black bodies and this sun-burnt face are but a cloud, and like a shady grove. With reference to the poems imagery, the devices present in this literary work mostly appeal to the readers visual and tactile senses. William Blake was a British poet and painter.