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accelerates the story. . tags: Othello Essays Good Essays 601 words (1.7 pages) Preview - Shakespearian tales always leave us with a plethora to ponder about the Elizabethan age and Shakespeare himself. Being gullible, Roderigo has given Iago his purse. 'What will you do with't, that you have been so earnest to have me filch it?' (Act 3, Scene 3). After he learns that Cassio served in the trusted position as go-between when Othello was wooing Desdemona, Iago implies that Cassio betrayed that trust by pursuing her himself. . Closure, overall Story Counterpoint, brabantio, heartbroken when Desdemona places her husband above him disowns her, ending their relationship. .

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To succeed, the villain needs to emulate the character Iago in Othello, who consistently works his evil throughout the whole play and does not slip until the end, when there is simply no way he can turn the situation to his advantage. . Iago's talent. He shows this by saying "Thus do I ever make my fool. Brobantio (Desdemona's father dislikes Othello very much at the start of the play. Everyday people use proof as a part of reason; it has been used to turn a hypothesis into a theory, a rumor into fact, without proof we would have nothing. Iago is deeply offended by the appointment because he is a seasoned soldier while Cassio has barely seen battle. . Hes a black man in a white world whos generally considered a strange outsider. . Othello thinks the guilty must always be swiftly punished. It is Iago the cause of everyones problems in the play. The idea of "pretending" is when someone "seems" or acts to be something they are not. .

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