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met. With a combination of strategic planning and in-the-moment action, you can avoid the Rise of Nationalism monologues and inspire audience participation. To demonstrate the collective amount of experience in the room, ask people to think of the number of years of experience they have and then have them line up across the room in order by their number of years of experience. Pecha Kucha and Ignite, pecha Kucha and Ignite are dynamic short-form presentations that limit presenters to 20 slides automatically advanced, each shown for 20 seconds (Pecha Kucha) or 15 seconds (Ignite while the presenter shares his or her passion about a topic. Here are seven simple and effective ways to increase participation at your events.

Things Fall Apart: Events that led up to Okonkwo Falling, Lack of Participation in Female Sports,

Looking directly at a random audience member and demanding that she answer a question might backfire. If the Corporation proposes to democracy in Egypt effect. Encourage your speakers to ditch the PowerPoint and curate a hands-on session to get participants out of their heads and into their bodies. Ask questions that spark stories, like Has anyone had a bad experience with social media theyd like to share? Marcin nowotny: Structural studies of Nucleotide Excision Repair complexes.

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