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Christians who are downtrodden, and a source of escalating heresy. I often receive requests to present updated false teachings and false prophecies by the myriad of heretics out there. . There were many Jewish so-called Christians making the rounds among the fledgling early churches who were trying to get the Gentiles to come under the Law from which Christ had purchased their freedom. . Of State on down to the citizens. This is a name I came up with for people attending and teaching at Oral Roberts University in the 70s. . Shambach, Robert Schuller, Karl Strader, Robert Tilton, Paula White, Ed Young and many others. Prior to this date, Constantius II (337-361) and Valens (364-378) had personally favored Arian or Semi-Arian forms of Christianity, but Valens' successor Theodosius I supported the Trinitarian doctrine as expounded in the Nicene Creed from the 1st Council of Nicea. 1Cor 12:27 ) and " Bride of Christ " (cf.

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The church needed the Apostles. I am writing this article as an apologetic against the Third Wave, Latter Rain, Word of Faith and Reformed Theology teachings that the Church is to rise up and take over the systems of government, businesses and every other aspect of life. 33 Excepting North Africa and most of Spain, northern and western Europe escaped largely unscathed by Islamic expansion, in great part because richer Constantinople and its empire acted as a magnet for the onslaught. Bad seeds from a bad tree yield bad fruit. I am sure I will not be able to cover every instance of supreme beings mentioned in the Bible but I (1) want to deal with some of the major ones (2) show you where they are found in the Word, and (3) prove that. With origins in ancient India, it is a key concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Ching Hai and others. 18 The " Body of Christ " (cf. Therefore, according to Paul, we must be sure our belief system is in the right place once our eyes have been opened to the Truth. . His Spirit is given to those He foreknew, when convicted of sin by His Holy Spirit, would choose to believe and commit themselves to Jesus Christ. . The Christian Church originated in Roman Judea in the first century AD, founded on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who first gathered disciples. Described as "World Christianity" or "Global Christianity this term attempts to convey the global nature of the Christian religion.

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