110 in the Shade

right and wrong are friendly to her and she the Two Age Groups is comfortably forthright in living by them. Curtis: Robert Shepard Bill Starbuck: Robert Horton Wally Skacks: Carl Nicholas Townspeople: Lynne Broadbent, Leslie Franzos, Lucia Lambert, Paula Lloyd, Evelyn Taylor, Esther Villavicencio, Florence Willson, Don Atkinson, Frank Derbas, Jerry Dodge, Ben Gillespie, Loren Hightower, Vernon Lusby, Arthur Whitfield, Barbara Bassert, Gretchen Dryer, Don. Lizzie arrives, confesses that the trip didnt work. Meanwhile, at the park, Lizzie, expecting File, joins in the picnic preparations (Hungry Men). He is joined by older brother Noah (Steve Roland) and father.C. He carries a short hickory stick it is his weapon, his pointer, his magic wand, his pride of manhood. Lizzie imagines how it might be if it all worked out (Love, Dont Turn Away). File and her last chance is gone.

A man calling himself Starbuck does show up, promising to bring rain for 100. File refuses to go, intent on searching for a con man said to be headed their way.

Dan Burgess, jimmy Curry. As a matter of fact, he has little imagination at all and would appear to be self-righteous and rigidly opinionated, were it not for his basic decency and his warm yearning to be kind. Sign up for the latest information on upcoming 110 In The Shade events. Suddenly, miracle of miracles, the rains come! When a brash, handsome, charismatic man named Starbuck strides into town and claims the ability to make rain in 24 hours for 100, Lizzies world turns upside down. Producers: Rayna Schneider Stephen Wagner. No, she explains, her dreams are all of Simple Little Things. But hes not all prosaic efficiency theres a dream in him. Be the first to know when 110 In The Shade tickets go on sale! Perhaps he is a little bitter; if so, his bitterness is leavened by a mischievous humor. Starbuck confesses that he is a con man and a fake he has never made rain in his life. Lizzie wears her hair in a bun for most of the play, but Starbuck takes it down, telling her how beautiful she.