famous But Tragic Witch Trials in The Crucible

adepts. Ive been to most of the museums, visited historical sites, and read tons of literature about the trials. When asked if she committed witchcraft, Bishop responded, "I am as innocent as the child unborn." The defense must not have been convincing, because she was found guilty and, on June 10, became the first person hanged on what was later called Gallows Hill. Osborne claimed innocence, as did Good. Give TheRichest a Thumbs up! Playwright Arthur Miller resurrected the tale with his 1953 play.

Comparison of the Famous,

It seems her reputation matched that of the Aspect of the Provinces History Nostradamus, as she predicted numerous events, even in the distant future, many of which actually came true. After her husband's business went bankrupt, she extended her field of expertise from palm reading to selling love potions, poisons, and even abortion drugs. Enty-five people died in total. 6.Yale was founded in 1701 and is a product of the Witch Trials. The Puritan villagers believed all the quarreling was the work of the Devil.