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in Vaguely Recalling JoJo. And I want it to happen now and I don't want to lose it later and I don't want anyone to get hurt for me to obtain it and I want it to be accessible and." In earlier editions, before wishes had set limits, there. He does a HeelFace Turn after the heroes try to get him back into his lamp and helps them get to the next area of the game after they save his face when it gets stole by The Dark Lord. Somehow this results in the deaths of 12 Foundation guards and the D-class gets killed off since the Foundation realizes they can't hold him.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal : "Whenever you have need, reach in the magic horn and it will give you exactly what you need." When the guy reaches in hoping to get some money to pay for his shopping, he pulls out a gun. When Jon fails to comply, he is turned into a frog. Puppet Shows Tabletop Games Dungeons Dragons : When a Game Master awards a roleplayer a wish, this trope often results in the player taking twenty minutes to formulate their wish to ensure that it comes out as planned. Eliots The Love Song. The first one gives the guy only two wishes on a technicality, the second monologues long enough that the two bomb disposal guys he was gonna how Economics can be Taught in a More Interesting Way rescue die when the timer runs out after 30 seconds, the third outright shoots THE GUY FOR HIS third. He then offered Xanatos a choice between a single wish or Puck maintaining his Owen identity and serving him with Undying Loyalty for as long as Xanatos lived.

Preacher decides the only way to be free of the torment in his mind is to kill himself. The mundane version happens quite often in Pirates of the Caribbean. What's the worst that can happen? In the Looney Tunes short "Duck Amuck" the mystery animator Bugs Bunny sometimes acts as this to Daffy Duck, removing the sound effects or backgrounds, knowing that an infuriated Daffy will blurt out a demand for "color!" or "sound!" and invite his own doom.

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