comparison of Paine and Henrys Speeches!

V is a man who is extraordinarily gifted in the area of speech.

comparison of Paine and Henrys Speeches!

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Steven Spielburg Works in Comparison

He brought up Biblical examples that the colonists should not follow. He says the soldiers will forever be proud of what happens in the battle and david Suzuki Full Bio that He that shall see this day and live told age/ Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours/ And say, Tomorrow is Saint Crispian. Unlike his previous speech, Henry talks in a more peaceful and calmer manner. He tells the colonists not to be taken in by the friendly gestures of the British, as it might be a trap. Not surprisingly they use many of the same techniques, but where they differ, they do so with due cause. Stanley Wells.

Later on in the speech, Henry elevates the stature and status of the soldiers by saying Let us swear/ That you are worth your breeding, which I doubt not For there is none of you so mean and base/ That hath not noble luster. It seems that Henry is someone who cares a lot about fame and honour, different from the violent image that he portrays in his Harfleur speech. In his Harfleur speech, he creates an egalitarian aura throughout his speech.