ayn Rand, A Well - known Novelist and Philosopher

long as there are human beings who feel the rush of greed and the lure of unchecked power, longing to succumb to both without guilt. Trump is notoriously no reader of books: he has only ever spoken about liking three works of fiction. It drew a committed group of supporters to Rand, some of whom gathered every Saturday at her New York apartment to read extracts from her next book. These books develop Rands philosophy in all its major categories and apply it to cultural issues.

The principled policies a person should adopt are called virtues. That book relates. If what individuals naturally want to do to each other is rape, steal, and kill, then in order to have society these individual desires need to be sacrificed.

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Author Information Stephen. New Milford, CT: Second Renaissance Books, 1995. So why is Ayn Rand and her most famous work, Atlas Shrugged, so popular? She had recognized him as he was passing by in his car, and he had noticed her staring at him. Image caption Rand has a following in India Rand's popularity is not confined to the US, however, with healthy book sales in the UK, India, Australia, Italy and South Africa. It provides fascinating insights into the world of politics, art, education, foreign policy, science, and more, rewarding you with a rich understanding of how ideas shape your world.

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ayn Rand, A Well - known Novelist and Philosopher