silas Marner: A Moralistic Work

Godfrey Cass as "both parallel and foil" to Silas Marner in the structure of the novel. The commodity the media business sells is our most precious: news, opinion and ideas. She has a strong bond with Silas, who through her has found a place in the rural society and a purpose in life.

Warwickshire, where he lives isolated and alone, choosing to have only minimal contact with the residents. Stewart, Susan (Summer 2003). 27 References edit Dessner, Lawrence Jay (Fall 1979). "Genres of Work: The Folktale and Silas Marner ". Bob Lundy, the butcher of Raveloe. Kimble, the doctor of Raveloe, who attends when Molly is found dead. When this term is applied to Silas, the similarities and differences to the term are made evident. On the way, she lies down in the snow and passes out. Many years pass before his corpse is found in a newly drained pit.