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shouting "It's not that big a deal.". There is no love. I know most of my friends of South Asian heritage have also been asked this awkward question. Natasha Fatah on arranged marriages, an institution not for our times. But arranged marriages among the Westernized middle class of South Asia need to disappear. Who am I to judge?

There, Vienda was given a wedding dress to wear. In the poorest communities of South Asia I can understand why people cling to traditional practices no matter how damaging they may. 'Blind dates in the past, arranged marriages were primarily a business transaction between families trading their eligible children for financial security or future considerations for the respective families. So a dress with short skirt doesn't seem too far-fetched for. It is understandable, we are all curious, and the concept of an arranged union between two virtual strangers really seems to fascinate people. I attended my cousin's marriage in Pakistan two years ago and it was only after I landed in Karachi and began pushing him for details "How did you guys meet?" "How long have you been dating?" did he reveal that it was an arranged partnership.

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