carnegie and Big Business

the rich and the poor, a change in labor, alterations in relationships between social classes, and ultimately contributed to shifts in government that spawned new political ideals. Created Jobs Gave money to charity Seen as smart Donated buildings parks Made the US Powerful. The document, Peoples Party Platform, discusses how the Populist Party was dedicated to returning the government to the people, ending oppression, injustice, and poverty, and strengthening central government. His savings became investments and his investments became capital for the business ventures for which he would later be known. Department stores like things about Cat Macys and Wanamakers sold mass amounts of the same product for rock-bottom prices. Offered stock options to talented workers.

Andrew, carnegie and the Rise.
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And had the ability to adapt to any type of work. Control of a market allowed a corporation to set prices for a product at voters Participation whatever level it wanted. Controlled 90 of oil refineries by 1880. Cartoonist Thomas Nast earned fame with a portrayal of senator Boss Tweed, New York Citys wealthy convicted fraud and extortionist, as a vulture devouring the citys bones. Have you ever looked up to someone and had others disagree? Andrew Carnegie I was born in Scotland at this house. The Knights of Labor denounced wage-slavery and encouraged workers to combine their wages so that they could collectively purchase mines, factories, and stores. While Wells believes specialization of labor left workers unskilled and useless, mass production stripped the worker of his independence and decreased the workers pride in his craft. From the severe economic deflation, to the increased political tensions, to the birth of new political and philosophical movements, the impacts of growing big business on all aspects of post-Civil War American life are truly evident.