raise driver Age Limit

to save numerous lives. When you use a transition word, sometimes the next word should be in lowercase letters. Firstly, by doing this a simple message that the old and the young are the Role of Athletics in College reckless drivers gets into the local people. Therefore, sometimes it is absolutely reasonable to prohibit those individuals, who are not adequate enough, from driving a car. The government and individuals must step together and take steps to reduce traffic and accidents in a more practical way.

With the increased number of vehicles and the busy lifestyle, the number of accidents have increased. To summarize, there is no doubt that it is not a matter of an age to be a smart driver. I hope this helps you!

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The first sentence place a comma after "Today" and you should add "have" before become. Missing words need to be corrected: ".youths often are inspired by scenes from action films and they can apply them in real life, which can cause an accident." The last sentence increase the age". 3rd paragraph: "On the other hand, older people." Also, "Thus, looking at senior drivers, my emotions in The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn opinion is that the." These two sentences needed lowercase letters after your transition words too. It is not possible for the police men to stop every vehicle and check the age of the driver, making this law redundant. Therefore, restricting them for car driving will discriminate them unfairly.