the Fly character analysis

really into reading. The broken syntax, short sentences and abundance of dashes and dots directs the reader to Berthas present state of mind, brining one to believe that they are following Berthas train of thought, as if she is thinking aloud or narrating the story herself. Whether or not this is so it must surely the shortest of good stories.

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More prominent and distinctive words such as amazing or extraordinary could be used to replace satisfactory. The thorax bears four narrow black stripes and there is a sharp upward bend in the fourth longitudinal wing vein. The Boss has done well for himself. Through this, it allows the readers to have a better understanding of what is going through Berthas mind and the problems she is facing and/or denying. Ethnicity/Nationality - White (American unusual characteristics: - Super genius - Physically sick, setting.

The Fly character analysis
the Fly character analysis