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bottom of the holster and hit the floor. Remembering the Heritage of Mercy Career Technical High School "Mercy CTE.". Court documents show that the teen was charged on February 16 with two counts of murder and 14 counts of first-degree assault with.5 million bond, according to Reuters. Neil was Marist High Schools first 1,000-point scorer for which he was inducted into the schools Hall of Fame, Robert said.

The AP reported that the girl would be charged with negligent discharge of a firearm on school grounds. The university's interim president, Mel Stith, issued a statement about the shooting via Facebook on February 27, noting that the student was treated and released from the hospital, and that law enforcement was investigating the incident. The massacre has been added to the staggering tally of 290 incidents of gun violence that have taken place.

She added that police dogs had failed to locate a weapon and that two cars would be searched once warrants had been obtained. The teacher was also a reserve officer for a nearby municipal police department, according to CNN. He said the girl told him that she had dropped her backpack, causing the gun inside to go off. No job was too small for Neil. In a statement, a police spokesperson said that a single shot was fired into the floor of a second-story men's restroom, pierced the floor, and entered the classroom below. The Broward County Public Schools superintendent said the shooter, who has since confessed, had been expelled due to disciplinary problems. Waivers will be considered on an individual basis. The shooting suspect also reportedly fired at another student and missed before school staff confronted him. His mother died when he was in seventh grade, and his father went on to marry a widow with seven children herself. Andrew Seibel, principal of Moorestown High School, said Neil was understated in everything he did, and when he first began covering for Neil following his leukemia diagnosis, he was struck by just how much Neil was involved. According to Fulton County records, as reported in AJC, Williams was facing charges of reckless conduct, making terroristic threats, aggravated assault, discharge of firearms on the property of another, and carrying weapons within a school safety zone. On Wednesday, January 31, a large group of adults were involved in a fight outside of a high school basketball game.

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