contract engagement and working conditions are on the same level as at other local enterprises. Base pay of Nike factory workers in Indonesia:.28 a day. This paper will also determine the various roles that host governments have played as well as summarize the strategic and operational challenges that face global management for the Nike Corporation. Some reports showed that Nike hired millions of workers who are literate, disciplined, and desperate for jobs at wages lower than minimum wage, and the majority of Nike shoes were made in Indonesia and China, countries with governments that prohibit independent unions and set the. Hill, MGT/448 - global business strategies website. Nike, the Sweatshop Debate Summary Nike is now one of the leading marketers of athletic shoes and apparel on the planet. International agencies, positive changes in areas of Environmental Health and Safety. C., International Business, competing in the global marketplace, McGraw-Hill companies, New York, 8th edition, chapter I-VI. Outsourcing pros and cons, outsourcing pros, cons of outsourcing, disadvantages of outsourcing effects of outsourcing.

The numbers Yearly revenue.2 billion (2009).
Free Essay: Nike : The, sweatshop, debate, synopsis, nike is a worldwide global corporation that has its shoes manufactured on a contract basis in places like.
Free Essay: Nike : The, sweatshop, debate, summary: Nike is one of the foremost marketers of athletic shoes and apparel on the world.
It established in 1972 with.
Nike be held responsible for working conditions in foreign factories that it does not own but where subcontractors make products for.

The biggest problem with Nike is that its overseas workers make spanish Land Holdings in United States wretched, below-subsistence wages. Phil Knight, an athlete met who met track coach at the University of Oregon. FLA abides by code of ethics, human rights, labor rights. Essay about Case Study: The Nike Sweatshop Debate.Case Study: The Nike Sweatshop Debate page * Arabic 1 Case Study: The Nike Sweatshop Debate Established in 1972 by former University of Oregon track star Phil Knight, Nike is one of the leading global designers and marketers. The first option is Nike can own and operate the factories and manufacture the product.

Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. For companies choosing to operate overseas the effectiveness of monitoring the workplace is less effective but the company would save money by paying lower wages to the workers. Nike is contributing to the economic welfare in the countries they are operating.