tragedy of Othellos Wisdom through Suffering

will never speak word". Venice needed Othello, and Othello needed Venice. The role of characters was also taken into account. To let you know my thoughts. Iago: My lord, for aught I know. Iago: Nothing, my lord: or if - I know not what. Improvises, makes up the plot as he goes along.

Though the final disintegration is too much to bear, one has to accept ones moral responsibility, though the tragedy was mostly because of fate. One has to practice moderation in order to avoid any potential tragedy. Suffering is redemptive and the wisdom gained through it makes one mature. We will write a custom essay sample on Sin, Punishment and Redemption in King Lear or any similar topic specifically for you. 1.5 stars tragedy of othellos wisdom through suffering.

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The suffering he has endured now makes him a objectivity and the Scientific Method wise person. (ii) He may be unable to cope with his own inadequacy; he can't find goodness in himself so he will destroy goodness in others; maybe that's what makes him so cynical about love and life. These two forces operate in such a way that the catastrophe is made to seem inevitable. The blend of truths (facts) and lies works: Othello is hooked. First, remember that a play only has life on a stage, not on a page.