flood Comparison

the world in a large building, but years later a curious daughter peeked in the building and let them out. The girl whom he had asked to marry came down to get water, but she began sinking in the mud. They did not believe in the creator Ti-ra-wa. The story fragment ends there, but see below, and see related myth of Huichol. After four days, Elder Brother's images began laughing and talking.

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He was released, and the foster-son was arrested and punished. Five days later, the woman and her family left. The brother and sister did not know how they would live, for they had eaten all the rice that was stored in the chest. All did so except one son who collected a basketful and emptied all his stones in one place. 327-328 Tchiglit Eskimo (Point Barrow to Cape Bathurst A great flood broke over the land. They brought food, goats, cattle, and beer with them and, while the people took shelter in caves, flooded the countryside with beer, turning it into a lake. The earth was peopled, but a flood destroyed them, and Creator-of-All-Things restored the world. The Indians on the moon were suspicious of the newcomers, but the Spider Indians assured them that they had only come to gamble. 23-24 The people had turned to evil, so Kane punished their sin with a flood. The Creator called the people together and warned them of the nearing flood.

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