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It does, however, need to be sustainable and not be a quick profit for the developers. The group of people that you represent have had many victorys in preventing things being built. Where do they get it from?

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Eriksen comments, Recent debates in anthropology and neighbouring disciplines pull in the same direction: away from notions of integrated societies or cultures towards a vision of a more fragmented, paradoxical and ambiguous world. Robert Bideleux and Ian Jeffries, in their definitive history of Eastern Europe, argue, Rather than pointing the finger of blame for ethnic atrocities at particular religious and ethnic groups who have committed such atrocities at various times and places, we consider that the root cause. In June 2006, Montenegro gained official recognition as an independent nation-state and is now struggling through the process of gaining a national identity separate from Serbia. Tristan, Ipswich It is allways nice to here comments from people like James, Suffolk and Simon, Baylham these are people that love to get on there soap box and have there say and good luck to them. However, it's not like the people of Suffolk have nothing. Instead they talk about their people ( na narod ). 64 Sometimes this is referred to as nation-state theory. 151 Another problem with this position is that in Bosnia-Herzegovina, not all religious leaders have supported the ultranationalists vision of culturally-homogeneous societies. I should imagine that a lot of small minded, untravelled locals will oppose this, all I say to you is get your car, get on a plane and see whats out there becuase your only kidding yourselves if you think Suffolk is perfect. Where will they live? Competition exists in every community and it always has done.

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