the Maroons of Jamaica

formation of Jamaicas most stable and best organized Maroon group. The mountain slopes were cleared to establish coffee plantations and by the first quarter of the 19th century, Jamaica was the leading coffee producer in the world. 1, when the British captured, jamaica in 1655, the Spanish colonists fled. 44 Despite signs that the siege was working, Balcarres grew impatient and sent to Cuba for a hundred hunting dogs and handlers. "Origins of marronage: Mitochondrial lineages of Jamaica's Accompong Town Maroons". On the Guava Ridge to Section road, there is a short walk (one mile) from Content Gap to Charlottenberg, an old great house with fine antiques and a beautiful garden. Do plan to use a guide. All three will arrange to pick up guests at Mavis Bank near the end of the bus route or at Papine. J., compiler, Kristo Asafo Abaksm Ti Kasa Mu (Church History in Tshi Basel: Basel Evangelical Missionary Society, 1913.

The word maroon comes from the Spanish word cimarrones, which meant mountaineers. The isolation used to their advantage by their ancestors has today resulted in their communities being amongst the most inaccessible on the island. 5 6 During the first decade of British rule, these groups were active on behalf of the Spanish. Granby, Mass: Bergin Garvey, 1988. 1, 5 (1574-1660, ). They rise steeply in an area so compact that it is possible to drive from the coastal plains to an elevation of over 7,000 feet in less than an hour. This article needs attention from an expert in Ethnic groups. Arrangements may be made at your hotel tour desk.

They incorporated outsiders only after newcomers had satisfied a strict probationary period. There is also the tiny Craft and Herbs shop, selling, naturally, craft and herbs. It is also the time when the rest of the island is most comfortable.