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to temporarily capture him. When Ryan Wolfe pointed out that the money was not taken from their lab, Calleigh figured it out and had Elliott confess to dereliction of duty. James Ironwood saves the woman before it can attack her. However, he gets knocked unconscious by Kali and is subdued. Jason Pillar, played by Reed Diamond, was Charles Logan's executive assistant. Williams, Tessa Leigh Anderson, Arabella (writers) Kiley, Maggie (director) (November 15, 2017). Information comes to light that suggests Keith may have killed a man named Lyle Gibson, who had raped Keith's sister Nicole. He is literally described in the script as a "really handsome Hanzo-looking motherfucker" in reference to Overwatch. Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai went searching letter to editor for Marcus in order to recruit him to their group. He is the main antagonist of Season 2, along with Peter Kingsley. Bauer is forced to help Matijevich, but causes a disturbance to foil the assassination.

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After being disowned by his biological father and having nothing to live for, Clavo returns to " duel " with Caine. When he is released (episode.20, "Killer Date it is revealed that he is an undercover DEA agent and Caine's ex-partner. Kalil Hasan (played by Anil Kumar on IMDb ) is a member of one of Habib Marwan's terrorist cells. McGinty to Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones src Farmer McGinty is a creepy old man that Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews ran into after their tire fell flat. Tarin Faroush played by TJ Ramini was President Omar Hassan's head of security during Day. However, when they discovered he was a spy, he was assaulted and needed to be hospitalized. They emptily praise Weiss' skill with her weapon and Semblance but says that she must continue to devote herself in her studies at Atlas Academy.

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" Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle ". He is briefly seen in "Whacked" when Horatio goes to Yelina's house. Schnee Dust Company, which is headquartered in Atlas. Chris Whitley, played by Kris Lemche, is a financial broker with a history of prescription drug abuse. Navi plans to kill him, but Dina betrays her husband to save her son. Jack and Nina didn't know that Jamey was actually a mole hired by Ira Gaines to provide him information from inside CTU. Ramon is outbid for the virus by Nina Myers, but kidnaps Myers and forces her to hand over the virus. Laboratory Technician Carrie Delgado nicole DeHuff, season 2 Blood evidence technician. But soon Margot learnt of Naveed's treachery, and when Naveed refused to follow Margot's the Surfing Competition orders, she told her men to cut Simone's finger to coerce him. Gredenko is taken into custody by CTU, and agrees to serve as bait in a trap to capture Fayed. Because of the painful treatments, Eric occasionally bought medical cannabis to alleviate her pain and nausea. On the season 5 premiere, "Rio Mala Noche leader Antonio Riaz is revealed to have tried to involve Ray.