flag Desecration is not American

making the laws that would govern this land. Many flag burners of the 1990s represent radical political movements, revolutionary factions, or organizations that lie miles to the left or right of conventional bipartisan politics. Council for Secular Humanism in Los Angeles and chairs the national Legal Committte of the Washington based. Congress passed a law in which it prohibited desecration of the American flag in 1968. The Republican Party proudly sponsors the proposed Flag Desecration Amendment and it is no surprise that almost every Republican in Congress has proclaimed their support for the proposed amendment (Citizens Flag Alliance). Setting the American flag ablaze was a common way for protesters to decry the Vietnam conflict (Mullins).

Flag Desecration is not American
flag Desecration is not American

The ideological beliefs from religion to common dreams help keep America whole. Both sides of the debate feel very strongly about their cause. In simple form, the law says that the American flag is to be revered and not abused in an act demeaned as unprofessional. In a contradiction that seems entirely lost on them, those who threaten a teacher because of a fetish over a piece of cloth appear to have no problem trampling all over the very principle of freedom the flag is supposed to symbolize. The crown jewel of protecting free expression, at least here in the United States, is the First Amendment. Once before the states, it needs 75 of the state legislatures to vote by a mere majority of each such legislature in order to become part of our nation's Constitution. Lasorda testified that the Senate can protect an honored symbol that ties every American together, while preserving out 1st Amendment rights, and most supporters of the proposal, disagree with the liberal decision of the Supreme Court that protect flag burning as free speech (Lacy). They are the first to hid behind the first amendment (Freedom of Speech). Not to Burn, it could reasonably be predicted that the proposed amendment would divide Americans directly at political party lines, this is not the case.

Flag burning and desecration is offensive.
Experience shows that the way to fight political expression with which one disagrees is not to outlaw it,.
American flag being burned in protest on the eve of the 2008 election.
Of speech, flag desecration is not legal because there are other protest methods.that they are - it cannot be true that the flag that uniquely symbolizes their power is not itself worthy of protection from unnecessary desecration.".

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