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paper details and enjoy the results! The amount of recent drinking was assessed with a 28-day Timeline people in Cannery Row Followback (Brown, Grant, Moreno, 2014,. 'The prospect of selective oxidation using molecular oxygen without the addition of additives over a new catalyst is exciting comments Jeroen van Bokhoven, from the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The parts of a research paper are as follows. Another limitation to this study was that the reciprocal confirmation of friendships was not taken, meaning someone could consider themselves a friend to someone else, but the other person may not share those same feelings (Brown, Grant, Moreno, 2014,. For each of the past 28 days, participants must recall the exact number of alcoholic drinks they had consumed. I will list some points I feel are important to discuss:.

Do you think the author presented a good overview of the topic being discussed? Social motives significantly predicted both the quantity and frequency of drinking over the past month (Grant, 99). This research may be used in the real world because often times college freshmen are nervous about making the transition, and being able to know that the amount they drink will not effect the amount of friends they make, may calm those nerves. The team found that the reaction didn't require any additional oxidants such as peroxides. By continuing to be innovative, scientists are achieving tremendous steps toward creating clean environmental friendly energy. Can be a written report of a scientific experiment, fieldwork. College Student Journal, 12(1 96-100. The two articles articulate how we can save and benefit the environment through the combination of chemistry and modern technology. Journals and Scientific Documents. Participants also reported having made an average.2 casual friendships and.4 close friendships since arriving at college (Grant, 98). If this same study was done but using five to ten universities, the results would be much more accurate to real life circumstances. Biology, biological Chemistry 559375.

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