a Look at Schechners Ideas of the New Theatre

Keir Elam writes: A revisedwhich is to say historicized and materializedpost-semiotics of Shakespearean drama might offer an analogous space where social history, dramatic history and stage history interrogate each other. Many movements, generally lumped together as the avant-garde, attempted to suggest alternatives to the realistic drama and production. Following Cages lead, in the late 1950s and 60s composer Gunther Schuller, together with the pianist John Lewis and his Modern Jazz Quartet, to fuse jazz and classical music into a third stream by bringing together musicians from both worlds in a repertoire that drew heavily. IS performance historical and social context, convention, usage, and tradition says a performance "is" a performance rituals, plays, games, roles of everyday life are performances because context/usage/tradition says so one must know cultural context to determine if something "is" a performance AS performance any behavior. Evaluation, this happens when we select one thing over another, or appreciate the specialness of something.

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For example, in Merce Cunninghams piece, Rainforest, helium filled balloons made by Jasper Johns share the stage with the dancers. Instead, she argues for writing in terms of this body, one that bears a particular politics of location. He believed that the job of the playwright/composer was see How Nanotechnology May Aid Environment to create myths. But in order to be both fully historicized and full materialized, such an enterprise can only set out from the one historical and material dramatic body we have, the actors. Most controversial was the work of the alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman, whose improvisations, at times almost atonal, did away with chord progressions altogether, while retaining the steady rhythmic swing so characteristic of jazz. This type of critic values innovation in style. He studied with the American composers Henry Cowell and Adolph Weiss and the Austrian-born composer Arnold Schoenberg. Art Criticism, this term refers to making discriminating judgements, both favorable and unfavorable. From my research and these findings I had a good idea of the avant garde movement, and was able to put this knowledge into practice when it came to devising a twenty-minute performance with a group of my fellow students. American Composer John Cage had a profound influence on avant-garde music and dance. Sociocultural Theories, critics who use this theory consider art as a product of a culture and value system. And it is that confrontation among bodies with which I wish to begin.

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