the Dangers of Internet Pornography

loving one another. Sin is real and it is destructive. Chastity calls all of us to love as God loves. Modesty is decency and discretion in the way we dress, act and speak. The Catechism notes that it restores us to Gods grace and joins us in friendship with God. 7 Those who treat others as objects might experience some passing pleasure but they are not going to be happy. Use of pornography has cost persons their jobs, their marriages and families. Children whose parents correctly restrict computer access in private rooms of the house, now may obtain images through handheld devices, away from supervision. This pure love as demanding as it may be is the high destiny to which we are called as children of the Father. All of those things are difficult. While chastity exists to serve love, pornography treats another human being (or an explicit sexual description or action) as an object to be used.

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An honest, integral, and humble 1776 by David McCullough Confession monthly or more often, to the same confessor if possible, will do us tremendous good if we persevere and do not lose heart. Even worse, porn fuels the demand for prostitution, many of whom are victims of human trafficking. Quickly turning off the computer or changing the screen monitor when someone else enters the room. As with other addictions, the viewer requires more and more explicit, disordered material to achieve the same effect; this produces a downward spiral that becomes progressively more difficult to correct. Our support system does not just stop with professionals and friends. See our "Resources" for sites that compare monitors and filters. Amen appendix II A FEW resources On-Line Resources m is a Catholic site that includes information, prayers, witness talks and many other helpful resources. He says it is the responsibility and job of the parent to stop children being able to log on to adult sites.

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