how To Change Car Oil

schedule (which is typically included with the owners manual). After you run the engine for a few minutes, check the area around the oil drain plug and the filter for leaks. Retail price. Check your owners service manual to find the location of the filler cap on top of your engine. The manufacturer actually built the car, and as such should be viewed as the highest order when it comes to maintenance advice. Pull the plug quickly so the oil doesn't drench your hand.

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Note: Refer to your owner's manual for the correct weight, API rating and amount of oil you'll need to add. Oil change time intervals rely on a number of mitigating factors that determine when one should get their vehicles oil changed. Many carmakers recommend 10,000 miles between oil changes. Step 3, locate the oil drain plug and place the oil pan below. Dispose of old oil and oil filter properly. In many states, retail outlets that sell motor oil must accept used oil for recycling. Some people have a phobia about getting under their car. An oil change (and filter change) is one of the most common forms of preventative maintenance services for vehicles. Using a clean, dry funnel, add the new oil. Photo 2: Let the oil drain. However, that interval has been increasing to 5,000, to 10,000, and even higher in some cars. Make sure to use a clean funnel, and pour in the amount and type of oil specified for your vehicle.

If you can't get your hand around it firmly because space is tight, use your wrench. Now youve got an affordable option.

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