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lacked emotional depth or insight. Columbo, Marcus Welby,.D., and, owen Marshall: Counselor at Law. Consumed by guilt, and now divorced, he numbs himself by taking an illegal drug to which he has become addicted. The radically different Catch Me If You Can was also released in 2002, and it was even more widely admired.

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He has also tackled literary adaptations, such as The Color Purple (1985) and Empire of the Sun (1987). While there are a couple exclusions (he didnt officially direct. He received the Irving. He and Jackson decided on utilizing a motion-capture technique (such as Jackson had used for the character of Gollum in his Lord of the Rings trilogy) rather than live-action or pure animation. More important, however, Spielberg had made one of the few commercially successful films about the experience of African Americans, paving the way for similar projects to be green-lighted. The film explores an African American womans almost unbearably harsh, yet ultimately fulfilling, life. As with most Spielberg films to that point, the special effects were a large part of the movies appealin this case, the wonderfully articulated t it was Spielbergs mastery of human (and alien) emotion that made the movie a blockbuster.