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However, the constructivists did not create a style of the epoch as they had intended. His stylistic characteristics and experimentation with production techniques developed in the 1920s and 30s have been an influence on graphic designers since. Although Constructivism fostered work in the traditional modes of high visual art, such as painting and sculpture, the movement's ambitions to enter mass production also encouraged artists to explore the decorative and applied arts. Vesnin, and othersfor the productions. In 1922, he co-organized the Dusseldorf Congress of International Productive Artists, with Hans Richter and Theo van Doesburg of the Dutch group De Stijl, and here the International Constructivist movement was officially launched. Constructivism (19201935 constructivism a movement in Soviet art during the 1920s (in architecture, stage design, poster art, book illustration, artistic design, and literature). Cubist Theory, cubism began as an intellectual revolt against the artistic expression of previous eras. Working with the Moscow Art Theater, he experimented with his own directing ideas until the outbreak of the Revolution. Stylistically, Constructivism is marked by: organization of abstract, geometrical elements to make dynamic or visually stable forms combinations of different sans serif typefaces for their visual and formal properties as well as their literal meanings simple, flat, symbolic colours extensive white space as part.