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word, ire, they have identified it with the Twenty-Six Counties and not with the State that was set up under this Constitution of 1937." 37 Despite these criticisms, de Valera initially called for the proposed Irish description. Regulation 11 of the Irish Aviation Authority (Nationality and Registration of Aircraft) Order, 2005 (S.I. 34 Others said the name ire might strengthen the claim of the government of Northern Ireland to the ancient name of Ulster for their state. In addition, special service numbers exist for emergency response, directory assistance, and other services by the public authorities. 25 After the establishment of the Free State the Irish government often used the name Saorstt ireann in documents in English as well as Irish; an exception was that postage stamps of the period used ire. The Protection of Geographical Indications in the European Community, 9 Protection for the Totonac Vanilla. "Times Online Style Guide - I". Historically, "Eire" was commonly used as a state-name by a variety of organisations. 55 It so happened that the Constitution would come into force when the Westminster Parliament was adjourned over the Christmas. The life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland.

Netherlands and may be grouped into three general categories: geographical numbers, non-geographical numbers, and numbers for public services. "EU agricultural product quality policy". We will call them by the name they favour, and they will use the name for us that we favour. The work is now best known from its expanded and updated 1835 fifth edition.

71 Aiken remarked that some British MPs wanted "to popularise the name Irish Republic ". Retrieved Grimsby, this. De Valera replied 'Free State'. 41 42 BL requested the iaaf to change the country's name to "Ireland". "Who, What, Why: What exactly is a Cornish pasty?". Inisfail appears as a synonym for Erin in some Irish romantic and nationalist poetry in English in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; Aubrey Thomas de Vere 's 1863 poem Inisfail is an example. He includes in this section a long passage transcribed nearly intact from the 1805 journal of his sister Dorothy Wordsworth about a trip they took from their home in Grasmere to Ullswater (see Slincourt footnote pp 181 182). Several commentators have suggested that Wordsworth agreed to write text for a new book of engravings because he needed money, 2 3 a suggestion supported by Wordsworth's scathing description of the engravings in an 1810 letter to Lady Beaumont: 4 "The drawings, or etchings,.

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