the Great Santini

his stern discipline and behave accordingly, while adapting to their new town and school. The, great, santini (novel).

The Great Santini
the Great Santini

Ben decks the boy and is ejected from the game. Wilbur "Bull" Meechum, aka "The, great Santini was based on Conroy's father. What happens after the girl is raped? You're Only as Good as Your Next One: 100 Great Films, 100 Good Films, and 100 for Which I Should Be Shot (p. The movie's major divergence is the absence of Sammy, Ben Meecham's Jewish best friend. Meechum is angry for his son's disobedience, but his fellow Marines tell him that Ben showed courage by choosing to help his friend. Meechum is unwilling or unable to appreciate his son's sensitive nature.

Vietnam War, the plot explores the high price of heroism and self-sacrifice. The Marine Corps and flying are the most important things in Bull's life. Executives were concerned that the film's plot and lack of bankable actors would make it hard to market. Carlino also directed the film. Again there are pages of descriptions of high school sports.

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