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comic series. Retrieved "The Hugo Awards By Year". Spanish : El juego de Ender Ender's Game. Turkish : Ender'in Oyunu Ender's Game. "2000 Award Winners Nominees". "earth afire, the sequel to earth unaware by me and @orsonscottcard will be released on June 4, 2013" (Tweet).

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Contents Synopsis edit In the future, humanity, having begun to explore the Universe and master interplanetary spaceflight, encounters an alien race dubbed the " buggers ". 52 53 Translations edit Ender's Game has been translated into 34 languages: Albanian : Loja e Enderit Ender's Game. Archived from the original. Since I had been a Civil War buff for years, and because my brother Bill was in the army at the time (and the Vietnam War was at its peak I speculated on how military training would be different in the future - especially war. The jealous commander of the army with whom Ender first served, Bonzo Madrid, compels him to fight outside the simulation, and Ender unintentionally kills him, once again seeking to preemptively prevent all future struggles with Bonzo. He requests Ender to write a book about him, which Ender titles The Hegemon. "Ender'S Game Alive The Full Cast Audioplay By Orson Scott Card". Titled: THE swarm" (Tweet) via Twitter. Finnish : Ender Ender 1990.