the cons of drilling in ANWR Thesis

in the United States in which drilling has occurred and compare those environments to the Arctic refuge. Ironically, she says the only reason she and her colleagues are able to gather data from the far-flung regions of the 49th state is because of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Given that the demand for oil is increasing, how do you think the.S. Negative Sociological Impacts, the negative sociological impact of oil drilling in Alaska include increased rates of diabetes and alcoholism among the people living within and near the oil-drilling communities. Does it affect how you view this area? Pollutants are also released during the drilling process when high-powered drills are used to bore the earth. Cause damage to infrastructure, spreading of alkaline dust, con #2.

The cons of drilling in ANWR Thesis
the cons of drilling in ANWR Thesis

Get our newsletter I'd like to get more stories like this. What are some examples given in the article which House members consider environmentally friendly provisions? The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is Americas largest and wildest piece of publicly owned land. Tags: Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge bird migration caribou conservation Energy oil wildlife. "Alaskan Arctic OCS and Its Development." anwr Background. Accommodations, visual/spatial Students can illustrate a scene from the Arctic refuge based on the information they have gathered. Anwr Drilling- Pros Cons, gillian Revoir, Hannah Zalewski, Niko Mavridis, Sydney Blalock. Then ask: Based upon your research, do you think drilling should occur in the Arctic refuge. Should meet this demand?

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