field Experience Evaluation

and nutrition; natural resource and water management and climate change; policy, dialogue, regional integration and governance. A corporation may be found liable to a fine up to 1,000,000. We will support your staff throughout the process until your equipment is approved. MET is a leading resource for electrical inspection agencies in the United States and Canada, See METs field evaluation accreditations. We are proud of our long history in electrical safety and the experience that we offer our customers. The esafe Marks, esafe's labels are recognized across Canada under the Standards Council of Canada accreditation program. Solar wind turbines and automotive manufacturing and their suppliers. Having earned a reputation of excellence in electrical safety for over 100 years, esafe has evolved to become an independent field evaluation and certification agency and operates at arms length from the regulator). In Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code requires manufacturers or importers of electrical products to get them approved for electrical safety. Only equipment bearing a recognized mark or label is deemed to be approved.

In order to do that, they need to know that the products, equipment and systems installed in their jurisdictions have been evaluated to meet current safety requirements. No, the CSA and esafe labels represent approval to the same standard and both are recognized in all jurisdictions in Canada. This can result in lost time and revenues in utilizing or selling your electrical products. Accreditations, since 1959, MET has been providing testing and certification for United States, Canadian and international markets. If a regulator has found your equipment to be non-compliant, you will not be able to use it until it meets standards and has been approved. Esafe inspectors will work with you to find technical solutions and help you achieve compliance. Esafes inspectors understand how equipment is built from the ground. Learn more on MET Labs and nfpa 790/791.